My name is Marco van Haren and I have been fascinated by reptiles, especially snakes, since I was a kid. Books that I borrowed at the local library all handled about reptiles and amphibians and I had already collected an extensive private library myself by the time I was 12 years old, all received as presents by family and friends as holiday and birthday gifts.

Keeping live snakes was not done in my parental home however, so I did not have my first snake till I moved out at the age of 23. This one was quickly followed by many more and now, 23 years and many snake species further, I focus solely on breeding Ball Pythons. It is the genetics behind the morphs available that appeals to me.

Keeping and breeding snakes is a passion that has become a permanent part of my life. Therefore I decided to start breeding professionally, first under another name but since 12 December 2011 as Van Haren Ball Pythons .

With our large group of breeders with various genetics many combinations can be bred of which we offer the offspring through internet and at reptile shows. By investing in new morphs and having several projects that might provide us with totally new morphs we are able to offer a wide assortment of ball pythons to other breeders as well as to fans of the species.