After experimenting with different types of housing for several years we now successfully keep our animals in aluminum rack systems with plastic boxes. We know that keeping animals this way is not to everybody’s liking and it is not a great way to visibly enjoy your animals. But experience taught us that this is in fact the best way to keep ball pythons. The species is known to systematically refuse food when housed too large due to feeling insecure. In our racks they seldom refuse food. Young snakes are housed separately in a rack with small boxes containing a sheet of kitchen paper and a water bowl. We use kitchen paper because this can be kept moist so the first sheds are without any problems. Our adult and semi-adult snakes are kept on Lignocel.

Eggs are bred in our walk-in-incubator, where the temperature and humidity are constant and we have maximum control over the breeding process. The eggs are bred in a closed plastic box on a mixture of vermiculite, perlite and water. The boxes stay closed for almost all the breeding time, except for the last two weeks when the eggs start producing heat and therefore condensation. In these last two weeks we regularly dry the lids to prevent the eggs from drops of water that could cause mold. During this period the eggs also start to show dents, after which the babies will start making incisions in the egg and stick their nose and head out. When this happens we always gently cut a ‘window’ in all the eggs of the clutch so we are able to see what the outcome will be. After the first cuttings it often takes another couple of days till the babies leave their egg permanently.