Clarification of the terms:

All orders, reservations and sales are executed under the following terms.


Reservations on animals are only accepted after a down payment of 25% of the agreed on sum in combination with the signing of a reservation form by both parties. Reservations will be made for a period of max 6 weeks, after which the reservation will be terminated and the animal will be offered for sale again. No refunds will be made on the down payment.


Once sold animals will not be taken back under any circumstances, this because of contageous diseases.


All sold animals are properly sexed as best as possible. However, no guarantees can be given on this point.

Disease and death:

I will do my utmost to prevent any diseases and as my own collection is 100% healthy I will guarantee that all sold animals that were bred in my facility are without problems if kept under the right circumstances.
In case of death: if you want a refund or if you want the animal replaced please provide me with a picture of the dead animal, a declaration from a specialized veterinarian which states that the cause of death was pre-existed to the sale, and an autopsy report.

None of my snakes will be sold for human consumption!!!